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  • Over 20 years of experience in real estate investments
  • One of the most experienced distressed real estate managers in the U.S.
  • Strategic, nimble and opportunistic investment team
  • One of the largest private owners of mobile home parks in Arizona
  • Completely in-house vertically integrated management team
  • Founding partner of Invitation Homes, the largest provider of single family rental homes in the U.S.
  • Strategic investor-partner in $100M commercial fund
  • Partner in chartered FDIC bank


Growth: Proven ability to build and scale residential investment platforms to an institutional standard nationwide; currently focused on manufactured housing and single family homes.

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SFR - 80,000+

MHP - 6,100

Treehouse Communities founded in a partnership between Treehouse Group and Blackstone acquiring manufactured housing communities across the U.S.

SFR - 80,000+

MHP - 900

Invitation Homes Initial Public Offering (NYSE: INVH).

SIBI founded e-procurement platform for SFR space.

SFR - 50,000

MHP - 900

SFR - 49,000

MHP - 900

SF F&F - 65

Selected as advisors to leading single family tech company, Opendoor.

Treehouse Aloha I is launched to invest in residential opportunities in Hawaii.

SFR - 46,500

MHP - 900

SF F&F - 36

Resume single family investments; Treehouse Contracting is launched.

SFR - 37,500

MHP - 900

SFR - 9,000

MHP - 900

Invitation Homes is founded as a partnership between Treehouse Group and Blackstone; acquiring and rehabbing ~50,000 single family homes.

SFR - 2,250

MHP - 900

SF F&F - 77

1,000+ distressed homes acquired.

Treehouse Group also partners with Pathfinder Commercial Real Estate Fund managed by RRS & Co.

SFR - 950

MHP - 900

SF F&F - 134

Begin to acquire distressed single family homes for renovation and lease.

Treehouse partners with RRS & Co. to acquire a regional bank.

SFR - 250

MHP - 900

SF F&F - 54

Begin investing in single family "fix-and-flips" for its own account and through strategic partnerships.

MHP - 800

Treehouse Invest II is launched following increased investor demand for exposure to manufactured housing assets.

MHP - 550

Treehouse Invest I is launched. Six manufactured housing communities are acquired.

MHP - 200

Treehouse Group is founded to capitalize on residential real estate opportunities in the Southwest United States.

Our Mission

Proven Investors Delivering Consistent and Favorable Returns

  • Experience of a skilled and proven management team who puts client relationships first.
  • Security that our capital and reputation are always on the line.
  • Value of management service and unique investment vehicles that maximize returns while hedging against an ever increasing, fluid marketplace.

We understand the tremendous responsibility to be good stewards of our investor’s capital. The proper alignment of interests, while utilizing innovative and proven investment strategies, delivers ongoing capital preservation with consistent and favorable returns.

Guiding Principles

Exceptional leadership and vision enable us to create value for our investors through all economic cycles.

  • Accountability: fiduciary responsibility to our investor partners.
  • Citizenship: stable economic assets for communities.
  • Teamwork: collaboration with strategic partners.
  • Creativity: entrepreneurial experience drives strategic opportunities.
  • Quality: uncompromising pursuit of excellence.
  • Integrity: grounded values with honesty and transparency.

Services We Provide

With significant experience in creating value, we offer a comprehensive and broad view of real estate, management and finance-related strategies.

Real Estate

Favorable risk-adjusted returns across a broad range of assets.

  • Income Producing: Opportunities that yield recurring income and stability through a diversified portfolio, protection against down markets and significant growth potential with multiple exit strategies.
  • Land & Development: Greenfield and infill mixed-use strategies taking advantage of strategic growth corridors.


Coping with complexity through analysis, orderly results and organization.

  • Asset Management: Top-down reporting with key analytics for strategic asset performance.
  • Property Management: A fully-integrated platform dealing with granular, real-time operations.


Offering debt, equity and capital market solutions for our partners.